Reel 2010

Finally a new and updated reel of what I've been working on this past year...

Edited by: Elijah Parker
Including work from Codes of Awakening, Buddy System Studios, and ACTLab.

I've also recently dug up some artwork and old projects I'd love to share...

Here's an old comic strip I illustrated for Josh Dillon Flanagan, published in The Daily Texan in 2008

And here are some character designs I've worked on previously...

Thank you so much for your stopping by! 
May the great giggily energies of earth follow you forth!

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  1. All right then, this is great....getting ready to post your video trailer to laredomtv.com, by the way, I have a new blog...no one knows about yet....Jack's Continental Roadhouse...so stop in for beer if you get thirsty...http://jackscontinentalroadhouse.blogspot.com/ Best Regards....Jack