Reel 2010

Finally a new and updated reel of what I've been working on this past year...

Edited by: Elijah Parker
Including work from Codes of Awakening, Buddy System Studios, and ACTLab.


Codes of Awakening

I've been extremely honored to work with some brilliant artistic visionaries on Elijah Parker's experimental thesis...

The project is designed to be an immersive experience with a three screen set up, live performances, live music, and a unique blend of film, digital visualizations, and stop-motion animation. The projected release date will be the end of July.


Every short animator needs...

    ...a short animation table!!

 woo hoo!
all of 2.5 feet tall!
umm... do not judge the improvised screw placement,
it's sturdy for my first table! ;o) 

One step closer to production!

Thank you Bebe for helping me...


So it begins...

Hellooo and welcome to the chicacabra blog!

This blog is my attempt to document the production of a short stop-motion animation project, temporarily titled "Old Rinkrank." It's an adaptation of a Grimm's fairytale that started out as a small idea, but has evolved into a full-scale project fueled by the passion of everyone involved. I'm so excited to see it start taking shape, and I can't wait to share our journey with other stop-mo enthusiasts! Ideas, suggestions, comments, and criticisms are always welcome and appreciated, so don't be a stranger ;)

BUT - i'll get more into Rinkrank in the next post...

Last fall, I applied to a program to study "abroad" in LA and seek out an internship for the semester. I was extremely fortunate to venture into the stop-motion community out there; and I met so many inspirational and talented artists! 

First and foremost, I would like to whole-heartedly thank Buddy System Studios for providing me the best, most invaluable internship experience I could have ever imagined!  The studio was built on very honorable principles of teamwork and collaboration; and everyone involved is so passionate about what they do - anything is possible for them! Everyone at and involved with Buddy is incredibly amazing and talented... and everything I've written still sounds like an understatement! (i'm not good with words, as you'll notice) Just check them out sometime ;) 
The founders, Eric Towner and John Harvatine, are featured in December's issue of Stop Motion Magazine. To read more about them, you can download a free pdf of the magazine here :)

 Before wrapping up my first post, I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who's been beyond encouraging and helpful and without whom I can't imagine where I'd be now :)

Mario, Harv, Eric, Sumner, Liz, Dick, Ethan, B-Dogg, Brad, Kelsey, and Vanessa: I truly appreciate all your patience and support! I look forward to the success of all your future endeavors. May you always be happy and doing what you love!