Codes of Awakening

I've been extremely honored to work with some brilliant artistic visionaries on Elijah Parker's experimental thesis...

The project is designed to be an immersive experience with a three screen set up, live performances, live music, and a unique blend of film, digital visualizations, and stop-motion animation. The projected release date will be the end of July.

I had the delightful pleasure of helping construct the circuit board city during an ACTLab class at the University of Texas in Austin.

Elijah provided plenty of computer components, and together with friends, we hot glued the most interesting pieces together to make what you see below!

Elijah looms over the circuit board city!

Using some brilliantly created AfterEffects visuals by Elijah, we illuminated the city in a dark room.

I worked on the stop-motion portion of the film that takes place in this futuristic dystopian city. It follows a little girl and her father who's soul has been sucked dry by technology.

More pictures coming soooon!


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