MAD Moment: Alien Cows!

Our second sketch appeared on
MAD Episode 35 Dances with Wolverine / Tater Tots and Tiaras
called "Alien Cows"
Air Date: November 7, 2011

Directed by: Bradley Schaffer
Animation by: Ashley Arechiga and Dillon Markey
Puppet Fabrication by: Bradley Schaffer and Ashley Arechiga
Art and Set Design by: Bradley Schaffer, Ashley Arechiga, and William De Silva

Click below for pictures!


MAD Moment: Tomatoes

Hellooo again from blogger land...!

It brings me great honor to introduce a series of short skits Bradley Schaffer and I put together (with the help of some wonderful friends) for Warner Brothers' T.V. series, MAD on Cartoon Network. 

Coming out of our humble garage studio in Los Angeles near Chinatown, we go by...

Centennial Garage

Our first short bit was shot one weekend in late August 2011, it can be found on
MAD Season 2 episode 1 "Rioa / Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine" 
referred to as "Tomato's friend changes"
Air Date: August 22, 2011

Animation by: Bradley Schaffer and Ashley Arechiga