MAD Moment: Alien Cows!

Our second sketch appeared on
MAD Episode 35 Dances with Wolverine / Tater Tots and Tiaras
called "Alien Cows"
Air Date: November 7, 2011

Directed by: Bradley Schaffer
Animation by: Ashley Arechiga and Dillon Markey
Puppet Fabrication by: Bradley Schaffer and Ashley Arechiga
Art and Set Design by: Bradley Schaffer, Ashley Arechiga, and William De Silva

Click below for pictures!

We constructed everything from scratch in our good old Centennial Garage in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Here were a few of our first designs...

And the sculpt...

We made half-D puppets out of super sculpty.

The cows had detachable mouths so they could chew on grass.

The floor was made using real dirt from outside mixed with Elmer's Glue - can't get more realistic than that!

The final set-up was a HUUGE cheat to make the background barn, cows, and spaceship look far away... but really the table was angled and the set was smaller than it appeared.


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